ONTRAPORT to Wishlist Member Plugin for WordPress

Do you have an existing Members area with Wishlist and are now upgrading to ONTRAPORT?

Are you worried that you will have to learn how to use a new membership plugin like Pilot Press and lose possibly lose functionality you need in Wishlist?

Your in luck. This plugin allows you to keep your existing Wishlist setup and integrate with ONTRAPORT.

We have developed this plugin to make it very easy to add and remove access to membership levels for users from ONTRAPORT using tags that are associated with the levels you have setup in Wishlist.

The plugin is very simple to use and setup. We have clear documentation available for you being able to install this yourself and also the plugin is fully supported by the IT Mooti development team so that when updates to Wordpress are made, our plugin will be continued to checked to make sure it works as required.


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Ontraport Certified Consultant

Ontraport Certified Consultant