Capture URL Variables for ONTRAPORT Smartforms Plugin


Having troubles getting UTM tracking variables in to Ontraport?

Or maybe you want to pre-fill your order forms with the contacts name and email based on variables you place in an outgoing email?

How about have a personalized message display on a thank you page that isn't an Ontrapage?

Your in luck. This plugin makes all the above super easy.

This WordPress Plugin makes sure that your tracking is done accurately and that you can use the data in URL's in any way you choose on your WordPress site.

This plugin will either save you hours of time trying to make this work for yourself, or save you $$$Money$$$ that you would be paying a developer in order to get this done for you in each of your forms.

  • Track UTM variables for your advertising campaigns
  • Pass any variables to hidden fields in your Ontraport Forms
  • Works with all WordPress themes including Optimize Press 2
  • Adds variables to cookie data for later form submissions
  • Easy drag and drop interface
  • Collect the Referral Page URL
  • Collect the Submission Page URL
  • Personalize the thank you page with cookie data using shortcodes

Saved me hours of work I didn't want to do.

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