Ontraport Extension for WooCommerce
An extension that automatically syncs your WooCommerce Orders into Ontraport Transaction history
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Primary Features

The IT Mooti Ontraport WooCommerce plugin syncs your orders from WooCommerce into Ontraport as Transactions.

  • Syncs or Updates Customers from WooCommerce into Ontraport as Contacts when sales are made
  • Syncs Products from WooCommerce to Ontraport Products
  • Allows for Product Matching so that existing Ontraport Products can be linked to an existing WooCommerce Product
  • Processes the Partner Tracking pixel to make sure affiliates are given credit for their sales in Ontraport
  • Syncs taxes from WooCommerce to Taxes in Ontraport for more accurate reporting.
  • Syncs Shipping on it's own line item
  • Adds deep link to Ontraport Contact in WooCommerce Order Notes in for easy access to customers
Set it up in 5 simple steps
Step 1
Add your API credentials from ontraport
Step 2
Set up any Product sync settings and add the ontraport product id to products in WooCommerce if they already exist
Step 3
Set up default tax settings
Step 4
Test syncing a WooCommerce order and see the result in Ontraport 
Step 5
Turn on the Automated Sync and that is it!
How will order history be imported?

There is a feature in the plugin that allows you to sync historical orders when the sync is turned on. Just set the start date and order status.

The sync needs to be started for this to work.

Are full Transactions or just Product purchases sent to Ontraport?

The whole transaction is sent to Ontraport including shipping and tracking information.

This allows you to have more more accurate reporting in Ontraport while still being able to trigger automation after a product is purchased.

Does the plugin add the contact to Campaigns or Sequences?

No, we have not added any additional features for this because you can easily use a campaign trigger based on a purchase.

We think that leaving the trigger step up to you is best so that you can build your automations your own way.

Can I try the plugin before buying it?

We offer a Free Trial for 7 days. Just use the coupon code FREETRIAL to buy the trial for $0.

After 7 days we will charge your card $99 for the annual license.

Is the plugin supported for future updates?

Yes. IT Mooti is committed to providing plugin updates as teh Ontraport or Wordpress/Woocommerce code base requires it.

IF there are any issues with the plugin just send a ticket to our support team with you wp-admin login for us to explore.

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